America’s Most Popular Breweries

monthly-breweriesIn our culture, drinking is something very important no matter the occasion and the company. Indeed, it is a social issue that encompasses all kinds of borderlines and will always be an excuse to share with our friends. Beer is a tradition that advances at an incredible speed.

In the United States of America there are many types of beer. There are for every season, state, occasion, palate, color, flavor and basically everyone can feel identified with a certain type. Nowadays, among the most populars, we could classify a traditional brewery line as a strong component in the market and also, classify a huge growth between the independent craft beers that are placed pretty much everywhere in the country.

On the one hand, there is the Yuengling Traditional, founded in 1829, which is a refreshing lager beer with some sweet hops, that is characterized for its long years, its classical style, and high demand in the market. Besides this one, we also have the Anheuser-Busch recognized by Budweiser, a lager beer, very familiar among Americans and that it keeps being part of the masters of the beer business.

Surprisingly, there are some independent breweries that have also been pioneers in the market and have left their quality and excellence impregnated as years went by. Like Bluemoon, from the brewery company MillerCoors, founded in 1995, they are a very young company, even if their prices are a little bit higher than other craft beer breweries, they have become very popular due to their craft recipe with a Belgian white style, very fruity and similar to the ones that the European monks make.

Additionally, there are many other breweries that along with their flavor variety, techniques and crafting process have acquired significant competence .It’s the case of Sierra Nevada, a craft Pale Ale brewery from Chico California, characterized as a great Ale with a steady body, Amber color and with a nice aroma that matches incredibly with the kind of hops they have.

On the other hand, we cannot leave out the influence of this month’s beer: imported beers. Options like Newcastle Brown Ale, made by Heineken, a Brown Ale with a medium body, with pleasant foam and a brownstone color, has become very popular whenever the idea of sampling an international beer pops up. Also, the Guinness Stout brewery, founded in 1759, Ireland, is one of the oldest in the market; also a little bit more expensive than the others, it has become very popular in America. And you will ask yourself. What happens with the craft beer? Is it part of the most popular beers in the United States too?

Evidently yes. Craft beers in America are in their hot streak. You can find them everywhere. The business is so good that the industry has reached pretty much every corner of the country. From gas stations, convenience stores to restaurants, local pubs, markets, mini-markets, malls and almost everywhere. Craft beers offer us multiple options that we cannot miss and we must try.

How to Cook Your Food on a Campsite Without a Microwave

survival-cooking-foodAt home, we have plenty of conveniences that make every day life easier for us. We have stoves that run on gas or electricity, toasters, blenders, and microwaves. Many people know how easy it is to throw a frozen dinner in the microwave or to reheat something up that was refrigerated. While this is fine for weeknights, with busy work and school schedules, when you go camping, chances are you will not have access to any electricity, and therefore will have to cook food on your own without any appliances.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, cooking without electricity can be an easy task. There are several meal options for you when you are camping, and if you enjoy cooking, it’s a great way to experiment and create some fantastic dishes of your own! If you’re a little unfamiliar with how to cook at a campsite, many bookstores, sporting goods stores, and websites will sell cookbooks for use while camping. Some of these can provide helpful tips, recipes, and ways to keep your food safely stored.

Freeze Dried Food

Emergency freeze dried food, such as the kind created by the company Mountain House, can provide you will delicious, healthy meals, and all you have to do is boil some water at your campsite and mix it in! While it might be one of the more simple choices for getting a meal prepared while camping, it isn’t your only option.


A campfire is perhaps the most popular way to cook food! If you can create a fire, you can roast marshmallows, cook hot dogs (and virtually anything else you can think of with the right equipment). If you purchase a Dutch oven or some cookware (cast iron pans work well for campfires), you can make soups, chili, burgers, fish, chicken…you name it! A rack to set above the fire will give you a spot to put the pots and pans, and you can even place foil packets full of potatoes, vegetables, and meats to create meals!

Don’t forget – cooking over a campfire can add to the traditional feeling of camping! Many children fall in love with camping because they spend hours around it with their families, talking, laughing, singing, and roasting marshmallows to make s’mores. Pass on the family traditions! The best thing is that all these supplies can easily fit into an essential survival bag and carried to any camp site.

Tabletop Stoves and Grills

Another popular option when cooking at a campsite is to purchase a tabletop stove or grill. These tend to run on small propane tanks, and give you unlimited cooking options. These are handy if you have small children and need to create healthy and balanced meals for them, or if you want to continue making homemade food for your family. These are great to use for boiling water for freeze dried meals, as well, and can come in handy if you need to distill water for drinking.

Cooking at a campsite can provide a great amount of fun for those who love a challenge, and it can always be nice to not have to modern conveniences to turn to. It encourages people to get back in touch with nature. It’s also small enough that it isn’t a huge inconvenience to take with you. If you are used to carrying a bag everyday, bringing this along will be no problem.

How To Purify Your Own Water From Home

For some people, having purified water at home means more than turning on the tap and taking the product as completely safe. There are now many forms of research that have been done, for instance, to prove that fluoride and chlorine is actually more harmful than good. That’s not to say that tap water is unsafe, just that some feel the need for more or better filtration for the purest water possible.


One of the first methods used by a great many people for purer water is filtration. Many well-known companies currently offer filters in different sizes and that do an array of different jobs. Some filter for chlorine and other chemicals while some filter for sediment and water softening. There are even salt-free filtration systems, which is important for anyone who needs a low-sodium diet.

There are also whole-house filters that take care of water for the whole of your home, in which cases there are also bypass valves that can be used within the lines for nonfiltered water. Some filters to go on sinks and showers, just for the filtration of water that is used for drinking, cooking or showering.

It is important to remember that all filters will need regular maintenance and replacement. Whether you get a professional to do it, or you choose to do it yourself, make sure you keep up with the regular schedule to avoid bacteria growth and other problems that can arise from dirty filtration.


Sometimes even water companies will send out a community wide message that their service area is under a “boil-water” advisory. This usually means that there is some kind of breach in their process and they want to make sure the water is safe.

Boiling water is a quick and easy purification method that can easily be done at home. Make sure to boil the water, at a rolling boil, for at least one minute. Boiling for longer than five minutes, however, can cause evaporation so if water is also scarce, keep an eye out for that.

The process can be hastened somewhat by adding salt to the water, in small amounts. This will lower the boiling point of the water and make it boil faster.

Building Your Own Filter

There might be times you need filtration, but have no means to obtain a manufactured one. In this case, you will want to get a barrel or drum that will hold at least ten gallons. Drill holes in the sides of the bottom and cover this with cloth that stretches across the entire area. Put about 2-3 inches of gravel on top of the cloth and fill to nearly full with alternating 3 layers each of charcoal and clean, white sand. On top of this, add another thin later of gravel and top with a perforated top a few inches below the containers top rim. Pour water through this filter, as many times as is necessary to obtain clear water, at which time it is filtered and safe for drinking.